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We are currently working on a project with Tropical Supermarket for this medium to small size store to know and reward their customers the same way the big players in the field do. With the tools we provide, Tropical Supermarket will have a direct interaction with its clients, and their data, exactly the same way Walmart, Publix, Albertson and Costco do. Tropical Supermarket native app will be available in Apple Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Amazon Kindle and Blackberry stores alongside the biggest names in the industry. Our privately designed application will allow Tropical Supermarket customers to create shopping lists, Make in app purchases that can be paid directly on the app or at the time of pick up at the closest location. Request deliveries, create members cards with special perks for the most valuable customers and many other feature tailored with the convenience of the client in mind. The App will also keep customers updated with the latest product specials or price reductions via push notifications geo targeted for groups or individuals as per marketing needs. Once published, Tropical Supermarkets will have a valuable competitive advantage among its competitors.

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In today's digital and mobile world, there is no better way to stay in touch with any school students than via a native phone application published in the main apple and android app stores. By using our privately designed school app, the students will interact via a private social network the same way as they do in Facebook but in a risk free controlled atmosphere. The App will also serve as a primary alarm delivery method in case of emergencies. The teachers and the parents will have a direct interaction means including a daily track of students activities. The app will also serve as the perfect way to  advertise vents, contests and any other school activity and will have a space designed for fund risings and community outreach for the school to be integrated and play a more relevant community role.


Publishing the wonderful work of John Oliver Smith. Our custom app will allow this upcoming artist to showcase his pictures to a large community of photo aficionados, sale his masterpieces via a personalized store that includes prints and a large variety of merchandise. From custom printed t-shirts to photos printed on canvas. Our private app will provide a network for his followers to critique and share his work with the outside world.

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